Half D

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Commodity introduction
Provides convex support to the lumbar spine and acts as an additional contour for your present chair. Position in lower back area to reduce fatigue. The Lumber Rolls are available in three styles Round, Oval and Half Roll. An elastic strap allows for the Body Hugger to attached to a chair. They are also available with an optional adjustable strap. The standard colour is navy however other colours can used for larger orders. Screen printing with your Logo is also available.
Our high quality foam conforms to Australian Standard No 2281-1979.
  Type             Colour          Code
  Half D            Navy          PLH175
 Oval               Navy          PLO175
 Round            Navy          PLR175
 Adjustable Version
 Half D            Navy          PLH175A
 Oval              Navy          PLO175A
 Round           Navy          PLR175A